Nourish your Baby's Brain.

 Learn the activities that give your baby the best start, based on neuro research

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Learn how to nourish your baby's brain to increase learning potential. Give your baby the best start.

Nourish your baby's brain by integrating their primitive reflexes. Understanding this process is one of the important steps to increasing your baby's learning.

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Newborn to 7 months

(before your baby crawls)


There are many activities you can do with your baby every day to increase their learning and nurture their brain.


Help your baby grow strong brain connections and increase bonding.


The first year is an amazing window of opportunity.

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You will feel confident knowing you are doing activities that boost your baby's learning.  

Become empowered and learn:

  • Why primitive reflexes matter for your baby's best neural development. 
  • The best environment to integrate the primitive reflexes to give your baby the best start.
  • Activate your baby's brain with rhythm, singing, and music.
  •  Stimulate the largest system in the brain- the vestibular system.
  • Why certain milestones are key for brain development and what you can do to encourage their success.
  •  The powerful effect of touch and massage for creating brain connections
  • Avoid all that interferes with your baby's brain development.
  •  Stimulate your baby's vision. 
  • Science and research which supports your baby's best neural development
If you are pregnant or have a baby 0-7 months old (before they crawl), learn the crucial activities and movements that will enable your baby to have a strong start, and grow to their full potential.


 "Movement grows the brain." 

— Carla Hannaford, PH.D.