I'm Heather  

 After brain-training children with cutting-edge techniques and watching them transform their learning abilities I just knew I had to teach this to pregnant moms and parents with babies so they could be prepared to help their baby grow to be as smart as they can be.


I have over ten years of experience using cutting-edge brain training techniques for children. I am trained in Neurodevelopmental Movement Foundations (based on Dr. Mastagova and Dr.Harold Blomerg's work), Dr. Melillo's Brain Balance techniques, and Brain Gym® 101. 


Parents learn strategies and exercises that boost their baby's brain development in order to grow the strongest foundation possible for all learning. To truly stimulate your baby's brain so your baby can grow to their full potential in reading, writing, and sports. To turn on their genes and become smarter.


Lastly, I have a love for all things natural. With 4 young adult children, one girl, three boys, and twins in the mix, I was lucky to have a midwife and one home birth.


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