My passion to empower moms originated from my work with children. Learn more about the importance of nourishing your baby's brain in the first year in this video.

Hi, I'm Heather 


 I am a mom who is passionate about how kids learn.  After studying neurodevelopmental movement for children, I just knew I had to share this important information with pregnant moms so they could be prepared when their baby was born. 


I have over ten years of experience using cutting-edge brain training techniques for children with learning challenges. I am trained in Neurodevelopmental Movement Foundations, Dr. Melillo's Brain Balance techniques, and Brain Gym® 101. 


With my unique approach, parents learn strategies and exercises that help grow the best foundation for all future learning. So you can give your baby a strong start.


Lastly, I have a love for all things natural. With 4 young adult children, one girl, three boys, and twins in the mix, I was lucky to have a midwife and one homebirth on the bedroom floor.