You want to Stimulate Your Baby's Brain,

You Want Your Baby to be as Smart

and Strong as they Can be,

You want to Give them the Best Start Possible.


You want to Stimulate your Baby's Brain,
You want your Baby to be as Smart and as Strong as they Can be,
You Want to Give them the Best Start Possible. 
I Want This For My Baby

What if you could increase your baby's learning abilities and boost brain development... they thrive in all they do and grow super strong at the same time.

Here's the problem... know that you want to stimulate your baby's brain development, but you don't know exactly what you should be doing and ask yourself questions like...

  • What should I do with my baby that will give them the best start possible?
  • Are there things that would make my baby smarter?
  • What is good for their brain?
  • Can I actually make a difference and help my baby learn things?

Ready to go from wondering if you are doing all the right things... knowing you are giving your baby's brain exactly what it needs.


Questioning if you are doing enough with your baby...

... to feeling confident and excited you are doing all the right things to boost brain development and physical development.

Ready to unlock your baby's learning abilities give them the best start?

I will show you how with... 

 "The Baby Moves Method"
Online Course 

 Increase your baby's learning potential to give your baby the strongest foundation possible. 

Activate your Baby's Learning Abilities so they:

  • are super strong and develop a strong mind-body connection that they will use their entire life. 
  • grow to be smarter, stronger, and more resilient.
  •  turn on the genes in their DNA that are needed for the best brain development ever.
  • grow strong brain connections needed for reading, writing, music, and sports. 

Here's what you get in the online program:   

  • 9  short education modules about the science and why this is so important.
  • What activities to do every day and why
  • How to activate the largest systems in the brain.
  • How to stimulate and integrate the primitive reflexes. 
  • Learn the Science. 
  • How to avoid all that can cause physical and mental delays.

The science about your baby's brain development in the first year. What the brain needs so that your baby grows strong brain connections to be school and sport-ready.

Understanding the balance system (the vestibular system) and key ways to activate what is actually the largest system in the brain, so your baby is ready for all learning.

Stimulate and activate your baby's vision to help give them a head start in interacting with the world around them. Learn how to incorporate this into your daily routine.

The primitive reflexes and how integrating them actually boosts and increases your baby's brain development.

Develop rhythm and timing to boost your baby's brain and learning. 

Nourish your baby's brain from the first day of birth, based on science, so that you can give your baby exactly what your baby needs.

How massage affects your baby's brain in powerful ways. Stimulate brain connections while increasing bonding.

Things that interfere with nourishing your baby's brain. How to avoid them and give your baby the best start.

Why milestones matter for your baby's brain development so that your baby develops physically and mentally at the same time. 

You also get...  

 ...demo videos, to show you what to do.

Filled with brain-nourishing activities.

Simply follow along on your phone.

What Makes The Baby Moves Method Special?  

It's Based on Neurodevelopment and Science.

Birth to 6 months is a huge window of opportunity to boost your baby's brain.

 I found your program when my daughter was 4-5 months. She is now 2.5. And she is absolutely brilliant. We hear it all the time from daycare (and other parents at daycare) her language skills are really really good. 
Laura W.

 " Trust me....working with Heather in the first months of your baby's life will be the best investment you could make for your child and save many hours of extra homework in the future."  

 NeuroEducator & Teacher (25 yrs)

Stephanie G.

"With Heather’s guidance, I was able to make playtime fun and meaningful. She gave me the gift of knowledge, clarification, and tools that I will use for years to come. Highly recommend this!!”

Jessie R.

" Being a high - stress person, this has had a huge impact on me, allowing me to feel confident, relaxed, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this!"

Will I have time to do this?

Get ready when you are pregnant. Power through the modules in just over an hour and you will be ready to  start from the first day of birth.

Questions Moms Asked Before Joining.

I'm Heather, 
... a mom of four, who is passionate about empowering children to be their best.
 After studying neurodevelopmental movement and years of brain training children, I saw HUGE gaps in their development, which should have occurred during the first year of life, when these children were babies.
By stimulating the primitive reflexes, the vestibular system, and their senses (all they should have done when they were babies), I was able to transform their ability to learn and boost their academic success and physical success.

I have a B.A Degree. I am certified in Neurodevelopmental Movement Foundations - with Sonia Story based on Dr. Mustagova and Dr. Harold Blomberg's work.

I am trained in Dr. Melillo's cutting-edge Brain Balance techniques and certified in Brain Gym® 101. I also have certified Foundations in the Montessori Method.

I also want to give you...
  • A checklist to keep you on track with the daily activities
  • Soft lullabies to sing with to your baby

Singing is great for language development and music is powerful for the rhythm and timing of the brain.

The first six months are a crucial window of opportunity to activate your baby's true potential. 


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 The first six months is a huge window of opportunity to activate your baby's full inborn potential. 


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Full program
I want this for my baby



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 Zoom Consult  + Full program 
I want this for my baby