Timing and Rhythm and Why it's Important for your Baby's Learning

brain development music for baby sing to your baby Mar 30, 2022
Baby's learning and baby's brain development
Most people don't think of timing and rhythm as an important skill. A skill required for learning. When I talk about rhythm and timing I am referring to the brain skill required to carry a beat such as playing piano or any musical instrument.
But let's go a bit deeper. I am also talking about the deeper skill of timing required to tie shoes, or hit a tennis ball with a racket accurately.
Within the Brain and Body, there is a Need for Timing.
It is a matter of organization and timing in the brain. When you ride a bicycle you need to be able to coordinate the rhythm of peddling and balance while watching where you are going all at the same time. This requires an immense amount of timing that many of us probably take for granted.
When you're playing tennis you must use your eyes to track the ball and swing at the exact correct time to engage with the ball. High-level athletes who work on improving their timing with brain training can improve their performance too.
In my work with the Interactive Metronome®, a brain training software to improve timing,  I witnessed children unlock their learning potential, improve academic performance, and improve their physical coordination ability. Timing has amazing effects on sensory processing, attention. memory. and coordination.
Rhythm and timing can begin during your baby's first year. Stimulating your baby's brain with music, singing, and movement will all contribute to creating and building timing.


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